X Factor Auditions

Alejandro Fernandez Holt a student with Spanish origins impressed at The X Factor 2013 auditions

Alejandro Fernandez Holt from West Sussex, has been dreaming of making it big in the music business from a very young age, but he also has a passion for modelling and acting too.

alejandro fernandez holt the x factor

The 17-year-old believes the time is now right for him to step onto the limelight and showcase is singing talent on the biggest stage in the UK, The X Factor.

At his audition he performs a rendition of Perfect by Pink for The X Factor panel.

On his Facebook page Alejandro tells his followers that he’s desperate to make a career for himself in the music industry and explains:

“I know what I’m trying to do is nearly impossible but I believe with the effort and right amount of support I could achieve something which I have only dreamt of doing since I was a kid.”

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Alejandro Fernandez-Holt from West Sussex impressed with Hero by Enrique Iglesias at the X Factor 2013 Arena auditions.

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