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Adam Lambert and Avicii wrote a song about female oral sex

American Idol star Adam Lambert and his pal DJ Avicii, has reportedly wrote a track about female oral sex.

adam lambert and Avicii

The revelation came from Nile Rodgers who confess that he and his pals Lambert and Avicii, have been collaborating on some new tracks, and during the process his mates came up with a track with a very saucy subject matter!

The trio recently collaborated on ‘Lay Me Down’ , a track from the Swedish DJ’s début album and despite not being released as a single, it has performed well in charts all around the world.

Rogers revealed that he, Adam and Avicii also wrote a tune about “going down on a girl” and Rodgers took to Twitter to reveal that despite being gay, Lambert gave a thoroughly convincing performance when he record the track recently.

He tweeted:

“1 of the 3 New Songs done between @Avicii, @adamlambert & @nilerodgers is about ‘going down on a girl’ AND Adam co-wrote & sang it to DEATH!”

In a recent interview, Avicii praised the American Idol star, saying he is like a ‘reincarnation of Freddie Mercury.’

See Adam taken on a David Bowie classic live in this video:

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  1. theo

    Actually Avicii said it first in an interview he did with [David Atlanta – Staying ‘True’: Avicii Opens Up About His New Album] —- “There was another song we did with Adam. It was about going down on a girl. He was like “well it’s not for me, but I’ll sing it. I’ll do it for the people, I’ll go down for the people” One way or another we all go down!”

  2. Sherry

    I love Adam’s attitude about doing that new song. He’s a real team player. lol

  3. Cathym

    Gotta love these guys Niles, Avicii and Adam too funny.So Adam says” well thats not my thing But I will do it for the people” Well it would sure be a fantasyfulfilled to many fangirls Adam ,Our Hero !LOL!

  4. Sinc

    Whatever song he sings he will bring 1000 percent to it and it will be convincing. Love his voice, love his music.

  5. JLM

    Ah gotta say that version of Let’s Dance at the bottom was amazing!!! I also really love the Avicii song Lay Me Down that Adam did with Avicii and NIle Rogers.

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