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2011 Result Show: Kitty Brucknell left in tears after being booed on The X Factor

kittybrucknell in tearsKitty Brucknell was not popular with the studio audience on tonight’s result show.

The eccentric singer only had to have her name mentioned and the audience would erupt into a chorus of boos.

It happened when Louis Walsh chose to save her on the earlier main show and again this evening, when Olly Murs and Caroline Flack addressed her on the ITV2 Xtra Factor. It all was a bit much for Kitty, who was left in tears.

However, when the Caroline asked the audience to be nice and Kitty wiped her tears away and finally got her voice back, she said:

 “I’m going to give it my all and I’m going to bring it next week. I’m going to be fearless for everyone who believed in me.”

Tonight Louis chose to send Jonjo Kerr home, but it was clear from the studio audience that they thought it should have been Kitty who should pack her bags.

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