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2011 Live Shows 1 Results: Amelia Lilly axed by Kelly Rowland

amelia lilyWith one of the strongest category this year,  Kelly Rowland must have had a sleepless night thinking about who to send home on tonight’s X Factor results show.

The Destinys Child star had to choose one act from her four girls to eliminate as a result of the X factor Big Twist.

However, on like the other categories, all Kelly’s girls performed well last night and all looked good for the future too.

However, in making her decision Kelly explained:

“The four of you ladies are so incredibly talented and unique in your own way. This decision has been so tough but the first person I am going to put through is Janet.”

“This decision that I made, I want you girls to know that you are all such star.”

She then saved Misha and Janet and between Amelia and Sophie, Rowland chose to save Habibis meaning that Lily was going home.

Rowland tried to comfort Lily saying:

“It was so hard and I just know Amelia has an incredible voice and all four of my girls are so amazing, so I just had to make a decision. But y’all are going to see this girl everywhere! She has an incredible voice, she’s confident, she’s bold and she’s young and the sky is the limit for her.”

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  1. stephen james

    I think this a big mistake by kelly kicking out amelia this girl would of been unbeatable on this years x factor i think that janet should of gone she is not in the same league as Amelia lets see who is the biggest star i would bet anybody that amelia will be bigger than any other star on x factor this year kelly is crazy what was she thinking this year show is just mad i think one of the biggest stars of the show has gone

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