X Factor Auditions

Stevie Tennet singing I Won’t Let You Go at The X Factor 2014 Auditions force Cheryl to eat cake

Stevie Tennet took time out from studying to audition for The X Factor to make his dreams come true.

The 15-year-old school boy from Southshields, performed for the panel but Cheryl is a little dubious of his age, thinking he may be too young for the competition in spite of the lowering of the age limit to 14 this year.

Stevie tells the judges that he is gearing up to do his GCSEs, Cheryl tells him: “I’m not in to lowering the age limit. I don’t see why you can’t wait another year or two”.

But, Stevie tells her that he is ready to audition, and feels like this is his time. He didn’t want to wait another two years when he has the opportunity to do it now.

He performs ‘I Won’t Let You Go’ by James Morrison, playing his guitar. But, after his performance, Cheryl tells him: “I have to say, I’ve got to eat a bit of cake right now because that was absolutely brilliant”.

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