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X Factor 1 million votes for 2013 reveals Sam Bailey the winner of the ITV show after a Scotland v England final

The public votes have been counted and verified and I can now reveal that the winner of The X Factor 2013 is………Sam Bailey!

Sam Bailey X Factor winner

X Factor host Dermot O’Leary made the long awaited announcement tonight to reveal the winner of this year’s X Factor winner according the public votes.

For us it is fitting that Sam walked away with the crown, because she has not put a foot wrong since entering the competition. She might have been over shadowed somewhat in the duet with Nicole Schezinger last night, but that says more about Nicole’s brilliance as an established experienced and talented recording artist, rather than a reflection on Sam’s singing ability

Sam not only takes away the title of winner of The X Factor 2013 with over 1 million votes, but she also lands the 1 million pound recording contract with Sony music.

The live shows votes saw Sam topped the public poll eight of the ten weeks, with Nicholas winning the two other weeks earlier on in the series.

Week 1
Nicholas McDonald 23.5%

Sam Bailey 23.3%

Rough Copy 16.4%

Abi Alton 9.0%

Hannah Barrett 5.2%

Sam Callahan 5.1%

Tamera Foster 5.1%

Kingsland Road 4.1%

Luke Friend 3.5%

Miss Dynamix 2.2%

Lorna Simpson 1.7%

Shelley Smith 0.9% (Votes from flash vote only)

Week 2
Nicholas McDonald 27.1%

Sam Bailey 17.4%

Hannah Barrett 10.4%

Rough Copy 10.2%

Tamera Foster 9.2%

Abi Alton 6.9%

Sam Callahan 6.6%

Luke Friend 6.0%

Shelley Smith 4.3%

Kingsland Road 1.9% (Votes from flash vote only)

Week 3
Sam Bailey 27.0%

Nicholas McDonald 24.8%

Luke Friend 7.5%

Tamera Foster 7.3%

Abi Alton 7.1%

Rough Copy 6.7%

Kingsland Road 6.6%

Sam Callahan 6.0%

Hannah Barrett 5.9%

Miss Dynamix 1.1% (Votes from flash vote only)

Week 4
Sam Bailey 31.1%

Nicholas McDonald 18.2%

Hannah Barrett 12.0%

Sam Callahan 7.6%

Rough Copy 7.5%

Luke Friend 7.0%

Abi Alton 6.7%

Kingsland Road 5.2%

Tamera Foster 4.7%

Week 5
Sam Bailey 28.4%

Nicholas McDonald 20.2%

Rough Copy 11.1%

Tamera Foster 10.0%

Luke Friend 9.0%

Sam Callahan 8.0%

Hannah Barrett 7.1%

Abi Alton 6.2%

Week 6
Nicholas McDonald 31.4%

Sam Bailey 26.5%

Hannah Barrett 9.9%

Rough Copy 8.7%

Tamera Foster 8.4%

Luke Friend 8.0%

Sam Callahan 7.1%

Week 7
Sam Bailey 36.0%

Nicholas McDonald 23.9%

Luke Friend 13.0%

Tamera Foster 9.3%

Hannah Barrett 9.1%

Rough Copy 8.7%

Week 8
Sam Bailey 27.4%

Nicholas McDonald 25.1%

Rough Copy 19.7%

Luke Friend 19.3%

Tamera Foster 8.5%

Week 9
Sam Bailey 29.6%

Nicholas McDonald 28.2%

Luke Friend 26.7%

Rough Copy 15.5%

week 10
Sam Bailey 38.2%

Nicholas McDonald 32.1%

Luke Friend 29.7%

In the final on Sunday, Sam had 53% to Nicholas’s 36%.

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