X Factor Judges Houses

TAMERA FOSTER sings Falling by Alesha Keys at Judges Houses in Antigua X Factor 2013

Tamera Foster impressed at X Factor judges houses in Antigua producing her best performance to date.

The  16 year old performed Fallin by Alicia Keys for Nicole Scherzinger and guest judge Mary J Blige on the Caribbean island but she was left feeling rather doubtful about her chances of success.

tamera foster judges houses

Tamera told Dermot that she was desperate to succeed and make it up to her family for some past mistakes. She explained that she’s been a bit of a wild child over the years saying:

“A year ago I wasn’t in the best place I could have been and I did a lot of things without thinking about my family. I probably upset them a lot more than I should have and I want to show them that I do care and I can make my family proud. If I do get through today then it’s given me the chance to continue changing for the better.”

But after her performance Nicole told her she had some concerns. She said:

“Your voice sounded amazing, you’ve got the range, you’ve got the look but if I am honest with you, I haven;t made my decision yet with you and I want to talk to you for a second because I feel like for whatever reason, we haven’t connected.”

She added:

“I know that you are still so young, but you are here and you have made it this far, so it’s important for me to know why you’re in it.”

Foster explained:

“Music has helped me through so many hard times in my life. It helped me, two years ago a few things were happening and I was told a lot of times ‘you won’t get anywhere if you carry on like this….you won’t amount to anything’ and I kind of took that on board and believed it. I am glad that I’m here now, because I don’t want to go back to the place I was in, I don’t want to go back.”

After taking a few minutes on her own to consider her decision, Nicole called Tamera back and told her:

“Tamera you are going to go through with me to live shows. Talking with you really helped me and it’s because I felt you were honest with me and that’s all I ever want. You have got to work hard for me though.”

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