X Factor Judges Houses

MELANIE MCCABE at Judges Houses in Antigua singing Run by Snow Patrol X Factor 2013

Melanie McCabe will be hoping Judges House 2013 will be lucky for her after failing to get pass this round of the competition on previous occasions.

melanie mccabe antigua

However, the  Dublin born performer was aware what it would mean if she got a no once more.

She told Dermot O’Leary:

“Deciding to come back to X Factor for a fourth time was really brave for me to do, I just didn’t think I was going to make it this far, I really didn’t. I feel guilty putting my family through this again, as I’ve done it so many times and every time I have done it they have been on the edge of their seat. if it’s a no again I don’t want to tell them because they’ve been through a hard time this year and I don’t want to add to the hardship that they’re going through.”

She added:

“If someone like me can come somewhere like this….it’s bringing back for me that feeling of ‘If I don’t get through I have to go back to my old life.’ I don’t want this to be the end, this is my last chance. It just means more to me this year more than it has any other year. This is do or die for me. My whole life depends on this, I just hope they can see how much I want this.”

Melanie performed Run by Snow Patrol for Nicole and her guest judge Mary J Blige and afterwards Nicole said:

“She let us in, she opened up and let us in.”

Mary added:

“When she says how much it means to her and that she’s really given us everything, for me that was the most emotional performance that she’s showed us but I don’t know if it will get her through when the competition is so stiff.”

“Every note was there but I am looking for more.”

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