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HANNAH BARRETT sings A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke at Judges Houses in Antigua X Factor 2013

Hannah Barrett has made her mark on the X Factor this year as an emotional performance after her performances in the earlier rounds.

hannah barret judges houses

At Nicola Scherzinger’s Judges House in Antigua, Hannah seem to have continued where she left off at bootcamp singing ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ by Sam Cook.

Before singing the song for Nicole and her guest judge Mary J Blige, Hannah revealed how much the experience meant to her, explaining:

“This performance could really change my life. Someone that has come from Croydon and worked in a bakery, to be here is amazing. There has been a huge transformation from then to now. Back home, I’m not happy, I want to do this and be in places like this.”

“Bootcamp was overwhelming, when I looked up and got that standing ovation that was very emotional. I have been practicing a lot and it’s been taking a toll on my voice. It is just so typical that today is the biggest performance of my life. So I am a bit worried that I won’t deliver as good as I can.”

“Not only do I want this but I really need this. Nicole has been amazing and I don’t want to let her down today.”

After her performance, Mary hugged the sobbing teenager and said:

“You are so special, you don’t even know. You don’t even know. You are good.”

Nicole added:

“She is timeless and classic. I feel like she’s an old soul and when she sings, everything stops. My thing with her is that she has a condition, so she battles with having to be on a lot of vocal rest because she loses her voice easily and also because all she does is practice. She works.”

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