X Factor Judges Houses

Miss Dynamix singing Pure Shores by All Saints at Judges Houses in New York on the X Factor 2013

Miss Dynamix is the new girl group put together at bootcamp this year, but they confess that they feel like family already.

miss dynamix x factor photo

The three girls went to New York to audition once again for Gary Barlow and his guest judge Olly Murs, and speaking about their bootcamp experience the ladies said:

“We had just been out together and our performance was so tense. All the seats were taken and we had to go in there fighting.”

“Since the moment we were put together, the most exciting part is that we actually get along. It feels like we’ve known each other for ages, we know each other’s personalities. All three of us are so different we come from different backgrounds but it just works.”

After their performance at judges houses, Olly  raved:

“I can’t….they’ve only just got together? I thought they’d been together for ages.”

Gary added:

“That’s just after two weeks…”

However he had some concerns and explained:

“It’s so easy to go ‘they look amazing, they sound amazing, job done’….it isn’t! They’ve got to be likeable as well and I think there’s a little bit of work needed on that.”

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