X Factor Judges Houses

JOSEPH WHELAN at Judges Houses 2013 sings I’ll Stand by You by The Pretenders on The X Factor

Joseph Whelan as never been this close to achieving his dream of appearing in the X Factor live finals, but having returned for another attempt this year, there is still one last obstacle to clear, Judges Houses.

joseph whelan judges houses LA x factor 2013

Whelan performed ‘I’ll Stand by You’ by The Pretenders for Sharon Osbourne and her guest judge Robbie Williams at Judges Houses in LA, in a last attempt to prove to the pair that he deserve a place in the Overs category final three.

The hopeful seems to have struck a chord with the Take That star who loved his rock tones and raspy vocals.

Williams explained:

“I love him a little bit, I do. I just want things to go well for him. I love the rockers voice he does that really well.”

However, the final decision rest with Sharon and the news was not good for Joseph. Sharon told him:

“My darling boy, I know that your heart’s in it, I know that. I think that you have a very distinctive sound, but your vocal range is quite limited.”

She added:

“Joseph darling I know what this means to you but my decision is that you’ll be going home. I am so sorry.”

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