X Factor Auditions

Tamera Foster sings Stay by Rihanna at X Factor Bootcamp to win a place at Judges House

16 year old school girl Tamera Foster won a place in the top six girls after her rendition of ‘Stay’ by Rihanna.

tamera foster bootcamp

The talented teen originally auditioned for The X Factor in group Silver Rock and in her last audition she forgot her words at the arena but managed to win the judges over.

Before her performance she said:

“The pressure is on, it really is on.”

“I have always imagined myself to be a singer, there is nothing else there. That’s it for me, this is definitely my last chance.”

“If I forget my lines today then that is it, I’m gone, I am going home.”

After her performance Louis Walsh told her:

“That was your best performance yet, you ticked ever single box. Well done.

Nicole Scherzinger added:

“This was your last chance, you got it together today, you pulled it together and I could tell that you meant it up there. But you are still so young…. I don’t know if you are ready for this, so I have made my decision…….I am going to take a chance because I believe in you. Take a seat, you are in my top six.”

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