X Factor Auditions

Karen Harding is first girl to set in the top six chairs at The X Factor Bootcamp 2013

Karen Harding became the first girl selected by Nicole Scherzinger to set on the seats reserved for the top six girls at bootcamp.

karen harding x factor

The 21 year old part time singer and model from Durham impressed  with ‘ We are Young’ by Fun in the hope of landing a place in final six of the girls category.

She admitted:

“I really hope that this is the moment for me right now, those three minutes that I perform I need to get it right.”

After the performance Louis Walsh said: “I like you and I like your voice.”

Sharon Osbourne said: “A great, confident performance. You came on and you owned it.”

Gary Barlow raved: “Well done, really strong audition, you did really, really well.”

Nicole Scherzinger said: “You have this beautiful rich tone about you, it’s different from everyone else and I love it, but for me, that was a very interesting song choice and I don’t know if I would have picked it for you.”

In the end Karen did enough to win a spot in the top six girls, but in a cruel twist was replaced by Nicole with Melanie McCabe.

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