X Factor Auditions

Ryan Davis got butter melting over Nicole Scherzinger’s hot and sexy body singing Toxic at The X Factor 2013 auditions

Welsh singer Ryan Davis got a little more than he bargained for from Nicole Scherzinger when he turned up at the X Factor auditions in Cardiff.

ryan davis x factor

The 18-year-old car parts fitter from Swansea, who has been singing since the age of 15, sang Britney Spears’s Toxic for the panel at his first audition.

Before taking to the stage, Ryan confess that he is an awkward character who is not very good at talking to girls, but from the moment he started to sing, his music did all the talking for him, and it seem one particular girl – Nicole Scherzinger – was taking in his every word.

nicole scherzinger and ryan davis x factor

The former Possycat Doll star, gyrated to the tones coming from the teenagers lips,  to the amusement of her fellow judges. But after his performance, they were not singing Ryan’s praises. However, when Nicole got hot and sexy and went off to a place in her mind  in a dreamlike state and said:

“I felt that your voice was like hot butter on my skin. I thought it was delicious, it was smoking, it was chocolaty, I felt it. It was like in the sun if I put butter on me it would just melt. That’s how I felt.”

nicole scherzinger ranchy photo

The other three judges had a change of heart, and the sudden change of mood in the room  got Ryan through to the next round with only Gary Barlow saying no to the Welsh hunk.

The teenager, who confess to having a massive crush on the Possycat Doll star, could not believe what Nicole had said and done to get him through to bootcamp.

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