X Factor Auditions

Code 4 X Factor 2013: showcased their vocals at The X Factor arena auditions singing Like I Love You by Justin Timberlake

The four young men that are members of the group Code 4, impressed the ladies in the audience with their energetic and slightly raunchy performance at The X Factor Wembley arena auditions.

code 4 the x factor

The group whose members are, Mark, 24, Jordan, 17, Ryan, 21 and Jermaine, 25, performed ‘Like I Love You’ by Justin Timberlake, but hipped up their routine especially for the ladies with backflips, mic throwing and yes, you guessed it, crotch grabbing.

The group explained their name to the panel saying:

“We are Code 4, it’s from the urban dictionary and it’s slang for what you say if a hot girl walks into the room.”

After their performance, with the girls in the audience still going wild,  Nicole Scherzinger tease the boys saying:

“I like you I just don’t know if the girls like you.”

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