X Factor Auditions

Is Barclay Beale making Yodelling sexy for a new generation after singing One Directions What Makes You Beautiful at The X Factor 2013 Arena?

The 17 year Barclay Beale, burst onto our screens last night getting Nicole hot all over with his modern twist on yodelling.

barclay beales x factor yodel one direction

The former Pussycat Doll star looked as though she was ready to strip down to nothing, at the sound of the young singer’s voice.

Tonight, Barclay his seen showcasing his talent to an audience of 4000 people, yodelling to One Direction’s debut hit ‘What Makes You Beautiful”.

But before taking to the Wembley arena stage, Barclay admitted:

“Yodelling on stage is a huge risk, I have never done it before in front of a crowd. It’s scary.”

However, both the crowd and the judges were impressed by his rendition of the track, which made us wonder if he was short bald and fat, if he would have had the same impact -just being cynical for a moment.

However, Barclay seems to have made an age old style of music, sexy again, and brought it to a whole new generation.

Nicole loved it so much that she not only stood but danced along throughout and she helped Beales whip the crowd into a frenzy by the end of the track!

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