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Christopher Maloney X Factor audition went down a storm with the judges

christopher maloney x factor audition

Customer services advisor Christopher Maloney wowed the judges at his audition in Liverpool.

The 34-year-old singer brought along his nan, Patricia, his biggest fan to lend her support.

“This X Factor is the biggest thing that I’ve ever done. I didn’t realise how big the crowd was gonna be. I’ve never applied for anything like this before, it’s took me five years to actually build up the courage to apply,” Christopher reveals. “I’ve downloaded the application form, filled it out, put it in an envelope and ripped it up every year.

“I’ve always wanted to sing but people have discouraged me and said that you know, you’re not good enough. They have really knocked my confidence, they’ve discouraged me from applying, in my head I just think I’m not good enough and that’s what has stopped me from doing it.

“Me and my nan are dead dead close, me granddad died and then I moved in with her to look after her. Me nan’s the only person that’s believed in my singing.”

He adds: “This means everything to me, I’ve never sang in front of thousands and thousands of people before and it’s just going to be a shock to the system.”

On stage, and Christopher’s nerves can’t be hidden from the judges.

“Are you shaking?” asks Tulisa. “Do you want to calm down and breathe.”

Singing The Rose by Bette Midler, Christopher reveals: “It will mean the world to me, the song that I’m singing was played at my grandad’s funeral and that meant a lot to me, it was a celebration of his life and this means a lot to me and that’s why I feel like I want to sing it today for you.”

A stunned Gary reacts: “34. How the hell have you kept that voice hidden till now?”

Christopher reveals: “I’ve never put myself out like this before and I’ve just bit the bullet today and just gone for it.”

Tulisa asks: “Do you not believe in yourself? Can you not hear yourself when you sing?”

Christopher replies: “People have said that you know, don’t come on here because you’re going to embarrass yourself, you’re going to make a show of yourself.”

Guest judge Geri Halliwell adds: “I think you’re going to be a star.”

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