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The X Factor 2011: Jade Richards sings Adelle at her Audition

21-year-old Jade Richards from Fife in Scotland belted out Adele’s Someone Like You and wowed the judges and audience alike at her audition.

Before taking to the stage, Jade said: “I am always singing in the house, my mum gets on to me all the time, she gets embarrassed because if I’m in the bath singing away, the next door neighbours can hear us, so she’s always like ‘urgh’.

“When I was little my mum used to work all the time because she’s a single parent so I was always at my gran and granddads, I have an amazing relationship with my gran.”

Her gran adds: “I am so proud of my granddaughter, when I hear Jade singing; she sends tingles down the back of my neck.”

Jade continues: “My gran is one of my main inspirations for singing. Singing runs in my family and my gran was a singer, she worked in working men’s clubs, but she had to work really hard for her money and it wasn’t obviously that much, she’s influenced the kind of music that I like to sing and she’s such an inspirational person. ”

Performance Summary

Age : 21.
Auditioned In : Glasgow.
Song Title : Someone Like You .
Recorded By : Adelle.
Available From : Amazon.

Judges Comments

After her performance, Kelly Roland gushes: “Oh god I’m so emotional, I whispered to Gary before you started singing, if this audition goes the way I think it goes, it’s going to be amazing, because I had a dream, this is crazy, you’re all not going to believe me, I have been thinking about this song all weekend, and the fact that you came here and stood on that x and sang that song, so beautifully, it’s amazing.
“Oh my god, you have the X factor and then some.”
Gary Barlow adds: “That was absolutely fantastic; you have blown this whole place away, where have you been hiding?
“Jade, that performance is going to change your life.”

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