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Cher Lloyd takes America by storm with new single ‘Want U Back’

Cher lloyd Want U backFormer X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd is currently taking America by storm with her single “Want U Back” which has made it into the top ten in America’s iTunes chart.

Cher, who is scheduled to appear on America’s Got Talent later this month, said:

“I’m so excited by everything that is going on! I’ve been touring US radio stations for quite a while now, and it’s been fantastic to get out and see so much of America.

“There’s still lots of hard work to do though!”

“I have a few days off after the tour finishes then I’m off to smash open some doors in the US. I’ve worked hard in the UK and I’m gonna work hard in America.

“I feel so lucky to have L.A. Reid supporting me.”

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