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2011 X Factor Final: One Direction and JLS performance was Sick!

one direction and jlsThe two most successful boybands to emerge from The X Factor returned tonight to their place of birth and delivered quite a lively performance.

One Direction and JLS joined forces and mixed two of their biggest hit singles – What Makes You Beautiful and She Makes Me Wanna, much to the delight of the 10,000 audience members in Wembley Arena.

JLS started the performance this evening, being lowered to the stage on a huge platform and then came the ‘ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh.’ We loved it from the first line!

The stage had loads of fire and flashes but we were so totally caught up in the boy’s energy that we really didn’t notice every bit of the production.

One D came next and Liam Payne delivered the first verse as they descended. Once they landed on the stage they went on to do what One D does best, excite the young female crowed!

Loved the bit where the bands mixed and mashed their two songs and split across the stage. It was really quite impressive indeed! In fact, it was SICK!

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  1. Gabriel

    I dont even get it :/ Was he trying to be funny or soiemhtng. What does it meen by astons fav would be 6ft and called frank i really dont get it :/ Tell me if you know xI <3 astonnn' xx

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