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2011 Gary Barlow reveals he his not enjoying working on The X Factor

Gary Barlow x factor 2012Gary Barlow has revealed that he his not enjoying The X Factor in his role as a judge this year.

The Take That star reportedly said The X Factor was too long, too intense and put far too much pressure on the judges and contestants alike.

Barlow told the Daily Mirror : “I’ve got to get my head around it, learn to enjoy it. It’s so intense. All those people out there watching every move you make and analysing it and talking to their friends about it and tweeting and gossiping.

“I think at this point the reason I’m not ­particularly enjoying it is I don’t feel I’m in control of it. Maybe I’ll never feel like that. It’s a totally bloody new thing for me.”

And Gary supposedly confessed to a pal he was unlikely to be back next year.

He apparently told the friend: “I find the show too long and there is too much pressure.”

Meanwhile, sources have claimed that Simon Cowell is looking to replace most of the judging panel next year:

“If Simon doesn’t come back himself he will need a new head judge the way things are going,” an insider told the tabloid today.

“He wasn’t sure Gary was warm enough as a judge with his comments, but now the signs are all there that Gary doesn’t want to come back anyway.”

The source added that Gary was looking forward to spending more time with his family next year instead of working on the show for six months.

“He wants to spend more time with his family next year, there could be some more work with Take That, and so The X Factor is not looking like it is his priority next year.”

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