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The X Factor 2011: George Gerasimou Explains His Attack on Tulisa At X Factor Auditions

george gerasimou the x factorSelf-confessed reformed character George Gerasimou blamed bad editing on is awful audition as shown at the end of the first X Factor auditions episode screened last night.

Gerasimou claimed that Tulisa had provoked him into a reaction. Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday today, Gerasimou also revealed he was now scared for his life after the audition aired to millions of viewers.

“I’m really scared of what will happen now. It’s the worst feeling to have everyone hate you,” he said. “I know I’ll get death threats over this – I can guarantee people will want me dead.

“I look confident and strong but people saying they want to kill you would get to anyone. It really hurts.”

George explained: “When I came across badly on the show two years ago, I couldn’t even go to the shop without people screaming abuse in the street and sending me death threats.
“I wanted to come back to repair the damage.”

However rather than apologising for his behaviour, George instead accused the show of editing him badly.

He explained to the tabloid: “My life has been turned upside down, all because of the way they edited my audition. It’s going to be unbearable. It will be even worse than last time.

“I went in there with a good attitude but as soon as I walked on the stage Tulisa hated me for no reason. She didn’t even say hello to me.

“She started having a go, so the crowd turned on me and it went downhill from there. She hated me with a passion and didn’t give me an iota of a chance. I was out to prove myself but she didn’t give me a chance.”

He added: “It felt like she was trying to provoke me and get a reaction.

“I had no problem at all until she started. I believe she was egged on by the producers. She wanted to make me angry and look like a hypocrite.

“Tulisa got very aggressive. Bits have been edited out to make her look like the next sweetheart. But she probably got angrier than I did.”

A spokesperson for the show strongly dismissed the claims, saying: “George’s behaviour was neither provoked nor encouraged.

“This was his second chance to audition and, after hearing the judges’ comments, George displayed some aggressive behaviour, similar to his 2009 audition, and had to escorted from the stage by security.”

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