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Harry Styles from One Direction in nude photo scandle

harry styles naked photosYoung Harry Styles from One Direction found himself this week embroiled in a naked photo scandal. The 17-year-old heartthrob took to Twitter to deny that the nude photos doing the rounds on the internet is him.

The photo, which was leaked earlier this week, shows a guy standing in a bathroom with his underpants down. Though it can’t be confirmed that the guy is Harry (because the flash light from the camera is obscuring his face), it does bear a resemblance to the singer.

In the photo, the guy sports curly hair, Harry’s trademark hairstyle, and wears a silver dog tag similar to the one the singer wears most of the time.

Harry has come forward to deny that the naked guy in the photo is him. He, however, has said in an earlier interview that he likes wearing his birthday suit. “Being naked makes me feel alive — we should all do it,” Harry said.

harry styles naked photo

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  1. Claire

    It’s obvs not Harry because there isn’t 4 nipples on the picture!!xx

  2. cara styes

    it aint him der not d same weight

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