The Cake Shop Bakery beats Birdwood Bakery and Denver Mills Bakery on Britain’s Best Bakery

Three bakeries from East Anglia compete in the South East England heats of Britain’s Best bakery today were they were pushed to their limits by judges Mich Turner and Peter Sidwell.

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Birdwood Bakery, Denver Mills Bakery and The Cake Shop Bakery took on the challenges of the Wild Card bake using spinach with enriched dough as the key ingredient in their bake, and the Bakers Dozen lemon meringue pies as well as showcasing their Speciality bakes to see who would move on to the regional finals.

For their Wild Card bake, Birdwood Bakery made a spinach goat’s cheese flatbread, Denver Mills made a spinach, goats with cheese tomato tear ‘n’ share loaf and The Cake Shop Bakery made brioche with spinach pesto loaf.

After a tough day in the kitchen, it was The Cake Shop Bakery that the judges declared the winner of today’s heat. Their Wild Card bake captured the judge’s imagination and their speciality bake – root cake – impressed with delicious flavours. They now move on to Friday’s regional final.