Britain's Got Talent Semi Finals

Darcy Oake vanishing act impressed on the semi-finals off Britain’s Got Talent 2014

After is stunning BGT audition, it was no surprise to anyone that Darcy Oake made it to this year’s Britain’s Got Talent semifinals.

The professional magician from Canada began his magic career at the age of 10. He stunned both the audience and the judges at his first audition with an amazing illusion involving birds of the human and feathered kind.

His audition YouTube video has so far received over 24 million views, justifying Simon Cowell’s claim that he is the best magician that has ever appeared on the show.

Speaking a head of tonight’s semi-finals, Darcy was asked about his thoughts of making it into the live finals.

He told Metro news: ‘I’m trying not to think of it as a competition, I’m thinking more about trying to do a performance I’m artistically satisfied with.’

Tonight the magician amazed us again with his disappearing illusion. Promising ‘no fancy costumes, no dancing girls, no bog boxes, just pure illusion’ Darcy started his act. He climbed upon a podium, hid under a sheet and with a large screen behind him, showing camera angles from the back, he proceeded no just to disappear but to reappear in the wings wearing headphones and a jacket and looking like stage crew.

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