Britain's Got Talent Auditions

SweetChix sings She Said and Back to Black on Britain’s Got Talent Auditions

The young ladies of SweetChix made a good impression on the judges at their Britain’s Got Talent audition earlier this year.

Simon Cowell was impressed not just by their voices, but also with their infectious personalities and energetic performing style.

The five girls from Essex – Rebecca 15, Jess 16, Summer 15, Taylor 14 and Georgia 15 – are all still in education. They performed their own mix of ‘She Said’ by Plan B and ‘Back to Black’ by Amy Winehouse for the judges.

Simon Cowell even tried to speak in their distinctive Essex accents when he heard them speak and gave the girls their own Spice Girl like names such as Husky, Belter, Harmony 1 and Harmony 2.

After their audition he tells them:
“I thought that was a good audition. You’ve got real attitude haven’t you. The vocals were good, the harmonies were good. I can see potential with you.”

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