Britain's Got Talent Auditions

Reaformed sings I Got the Music in Me on Britain’s Got Talent 2014 auditions

Girl group Reaformed showcased their vocals on Britain’s Got Talent auditions and got a very positive response from the judges.

The names of Reaformed band members are – Renetta , 18, Ebony , 15, and Alexis 21. They are all from London and have only been performing together for three months.

The girls performed their rendition of ‘I Got the Music in Me’ by KiKi Dee at thie audition and go Alisha Dixon on her feet dancing along.

After their performance, she was full of praise for the singers and raves:

“I honestly think you’re the best girl group that we’ve seen on the show so far. You look adorable together, I like the way you’ve styled yourselves and I definitely, definitely think you deserve a chance.”

Amanda Holden was quite impressed too and adds:

“I love the chemistry, I love your relationship. I think we’ve found something special in you.”

But Simon Cowell had some constructive advice for the girls:

“Ebony, I think you are the natural lead singer in this group. You look great, great chemistry. Vocals need a lot of work, but I think you’ve naturally got good voices. ”

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