Britain's Got Talent Auditions

Canadian Magician Darcy Oake on Britain’s Got Talent 2014 with his doves and woman appearing illusion

26 year old magician and illusionist Darcy Oake, impressed on Britain’s Got Talent with his doves and woman appearing from out of nowhere routine.

Darcy tells the panel how and why he became obsessed with magic as a young boy and explains:

“I have loved magic for forever. [When I was a child] I experienced that feeling of ‘how could you do that?’ and I wanted to do that to other people.”

Oake adds: “I am auditioning for BGT because it’s the biggest talent show in the world and I want to be performing on a global scale. I feel if it goes well it could change my life.”

After his amazing performance, the Canadian magician left the judges with questions about what they had just seen but impressed them all with his act performed to the track ‘Midnight Drive’.

David Walliams gushing: “I think you’re the best magician I’ve seen on the show.”

Amanda Holden adds: “The most important thing about magic is making us believe the impossible is possible and you just did that.”

Simon is won over as he says: “You are without question the best magician we’ve had on the show.”

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