Britain's Got Talent Auditions

Samantha Conors Listen by Beyonce and Nadine Lyons Keane track failed to hit the mark on Britain’s Got Talent 2014 auditions

Two singers who hoped they could have given their performance a bit more of a lift were Samantha Conors and Nadine Lyons.

Samantha, a 25 year old housewife from Bristol succumb to nerves on tonight’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent.
The singer performs Listen by Beyonce for the panel after telling them:
“I have never sung before anyone like this in my life.”

Nadine, a 19 year old student and barmaid from Ireland, performed Somewhere only we know by Keane but Simon Cowell stopped her midway through the first verse, telling the hopeful:
“You have a confidence issue.”

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