Norman Wright Natural History and Taxidermy business presented a very different business opportunity on Dragon’s Den

Norman Wright with his Weird & Wonderful Natural History store presented a very different skeleton business opportunity to the dragons on Dragon’s Den that gave the dragons the hee-bee jee-bees.

Norman’ business specialises in the taxidermy, osteology and entomology from around the world, with the claim that he focus on ethical practise and sustainability and believe the sole purpose of collecting natural history should be to preserve the beauty of nature’s magnificent creatures.

His collection that included a death menagerie of butterflies, buffalos, and deer, led Duncan Bannatyne to say: “Weird, weird, weird, but not wonderful”.

However, Kelly Hoppen showed interest, citing examples in Paris of taxidermy as a viable and successful artform but she wouldn’t present any of Norman’s product to her clients.

In the end the dragon’s had seen and heard enough and said goodbye to Norman who left the den without the £50,000 investment he was seeking.

norman wright

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