James Martin quick and simple fish pie with peas and fresh lemon juice on James Martin’s Saturday Morning

James Martin shared tips with Teresa – a viewer who called into the show – on how to make a quick and simple fish pie using shop brought fish pie mix with peas and fresh lemon juice on James Martin’s Saturday Morning.

First up, James explained that the fish pie mix, normally includes haddock, cod, smoked haddock but may also include prawns and can be bought in most supermarkets.

The first step in making the fish pie, is to prepare the white sauce.

To make the sauce, James melt butter in a pan, before adding flour.

He whisked the butter and flour and then added a little milk.

He continued whisking the mixture, adding more and more milk until the mixture quickly thickens.

However, James warns against making the sauce too thick but you should get it to the texture you think is best using a medium to high heat.

James finish the sauce adding salt and pepper to it, and doing the same to the fish.

He then adds garden peas on top of the fish previously placed in a baking tray before adding lemon juice to the sauce.

James then poured the sauce over the top of the peas and fish in the baking tray.

He then told Teresa that to finish making the pie, she could put either potatoes or puff pastry as its topping.

The pie could then be placed in the oven and leave to cook about 30 minutes.

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