Geordie Shore kicks off with two new housemates Aaron Chalmers and Kyle Christie on MTV for a sexy new series

Geordie Shore new series kicks off with two new housemates on MTV for series 8.

New boys Aaron Chalmers and Kyle Christie will no doubt be hoping to impress the ladies and make a name for themselves right from the start.


In this new series of the hit reality TV show, the first section of episode one is dedicated to the cast members packing up their belongings and making their way to the house.

Holly Hagan admits to her mum that she is nervous about seeing the likes of Charlotte and Marnie again having fallen out with both of them at the end of series 7.

Meanwhile Marnie reveals to her mum that in this series she will try to get on with the girls and stay away from the boys of the house.

MTV have released two short clips of the first episode of series 8, to get everyone prepared for the new series that kicks off on July 22nd.

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