Gadgets for the 2014 World Cup by Steve Wilson on ITV This Morning

Steve Wilson demonstrated a few useful gadgets on ITV This Morning to help up get the best out of the Brazilian World Cup.


He showcases a range of products from the extravagant purchase of a 4K TV to the ultimate lazy-man’s drink dispenser and robotic mop.

The list of products are:

Sony KD-65X9005B £3,599
LG G3 Smart Phone released 1 July (can pre-order now), available on various contracts
X-Mini WE £29.99
Elgato Eye TV £89.95.
Bang! Lamp from, £199
Ice Core Veverage Dispenser £24.99
Braava Floor Mop £259
iGrill2 from, $99.99 (£59.52 with current conversion)
Grillbot £139.

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