Got To Dance Series 2 Auditions Third Episode – Week 2

Got To Dance

The search continued this week for the nation’s best dance act as Davina McCall and the Judges, Ashley Banjo, Adam Garcia and Kimberly Wyatt travel to Dublin, Glasgow and London looking for an act who could win the £250,000 prize fund.

In Glasgow, Kimberly lost her voice and was unable to speak because of a sore throat. She was able to communicate at times through Adam by passing notes or whispering in his ear her comments for an act. These are the acts that caught our eye in this episode:


One of the oldest contestants that Got to Dance have seen this year is 72 year old Elizabeth who goes by the name of Miss Boombastic thanks to her love of music by Shaggy.

She said:  “If I hear a shaggy CD I jump up and dance even in my sleep. I love him, and I like his music. It’s really groovy. I dance in clubs, they put Shaggy on.

Miss Boombastic was not good enough to make it onto the judge’s shortlist, but she was surprisingly entertaining particularly when Ashley joined her on stage at the request of Adam to free style some moves with Miss Boombastic.


Trinity Warriors impressed the judges at their audition with a stunting display of break dance moves that saw them earn 3 gold stars to take them through to the next stage of the competition.

One member of the dance crew said: “We are here to win it. It is much more that important, it is a life changing experience’”

After their performance Ashely Banjo commented to the group: “The level of skill in what you guys have pulled off is crazy”.


We would love to see more from this duo, they seem cool, talent and able to mix it with some of the boy duos we have seen so far.

Judge Kimberly Wyatt told the girls: “I Love it! To see two hot females that can hit like that.”


12 year old Ella a contemporary dancer from Cornwall impressed at her audition performing a self-taught routine to Sober by Pink.

Ella who has suffered at the hands of bullies in school said: “If you’re ever upset, dancing just let’s me express that. It’s a way to express my feelings without talking. I used to get bullied in my old school and dancing took my mind off it”.

Her mum continues to explain, “Bullying got to her quite substantially and we had to move her out of schools. Dancing has given her time to say to everybody I am what I am – accept me or you don’t”.…Read More


Nancy McAndrew was for us the surprise act of the entire competition so far. She gave us what we could only describe as a Susan Boyle Moment.

Nancy appeared on camera with her daughter who is a member of Unik dance crew that was  about to audition just before Nancy went on stage to do her audition. The event was staged as a mother versus daughter dance off. …Read More


Dance crew Dance Dynamix returned to Got To Dance this year after reaching the semi finals in 2010.

This year their gold is to go all the way. Before taking to the stage, crew member Nazene Langfield said they were very nervous because they have done it before and knew just how tough the judges can be. She also revealed that her worst nightmare was to get 3 red stars this time around.

Nazene need not have worried because Dance Dynamix delivered a very impressive routine that saw them through to the next round with 3 gold stars.

ADAM McMillan

Self-taught street dancer 18 year old joiner, Adam McMillan from Cardowan, Scotland would love to give up his day job and dance full time. He said:  “I started practising dance when I was 14 or 15 and just taught myself. If I could just dance all my life then if this is it then the dreams come true. “

However, Adam almost saw his dream slip away when he failed to impress two members of the judging panel (Adam Garcia and Kimberly Wyatt ) on his first audition. …Read More.

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  1. Octavia, Got To Dance 2011 Semi Finals 13th February, a little star was born the minute we saw you dance that stage to a beautiful song ‘ my frozen angel’. Frozen angel you will become stuck in the hearts of all that watched your first and future performances, you have captured many hearts with each move of your body, from tip to toes you express movement so beautiful, and with such grace. Good Luck with the Semi Finals, you are unique, unassuming, deserving, born to dance, a breath of fresh air and most of all with maturity that you project holds within the innocence of the most beautiful child. We wish you well.

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