Got To Dance: Adam McMillan Impressed The Judges Second Time Round At His Audition


Self-taught street dancer 18 year old joiner, Adam McMillan from Cardowan, Scotland would love to give up his day job and dance full time. He said:  “I started practising dance when I was 14 or 15 and just taught myself. If I could just dance all my life then if this is it then the dreams come true. “

However, Adam almost saw his dream slip away when he failed to impress two members of the judging panel (Adam Garcia and Kimberly Wyatt ) on his first audition.

However, Ashley Banjo spotted the potential in him and offered him a life line. Adam confessed that he didn’t feel he did as well as he had hoped and that ‘popping’ and ‘waving’ is where his strengths lie.

Ashley asks him to come back to audition later in the week and backstage his friends tell Adam “second chances don’t come often” so with those words ringing in his ears, Adam goes home to practice a new routine.

When Adam returned for a second audition is performance was greatly improved and impressed all three judges sufficiently to sail though to the next round with 3 gold stars. Check out his performance below:

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  1. adam you, today came to our school and tought us to dance and it was amazing. i watched you on got to dance i though that wow that was amazing and it really was! but when you got on stage how did you feel because my mum and dad wants me to go on britins got talant and i feel really nevius about it all. do u have any tip on how i could make my self more confadent? thank you

    p.s i will be coming to your dance classes defos ! !

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