Got To Dance: 12 year Old Ella Impressed Got To Dance Judges


12 year old Ella a contemporary dancer from Cornwall impressed at her audition performing a self-taught routine to Sober by Pink.

Ella who has suffered at the hands of bullies in school said: “If you’re ever upset, dancing just let’s me express that. It’s a way to express my feelings without talking. I used to get bullied in my old school and dancing took my mind off it”.

Her mum continues to explain, “Bullying got to her quite substantially and we had to move her out of schools. Dancing has given her time to say to everybody I am what I am – accept me or you don’t”.

As a result of the bullying and Ella’s passion for dance, the family have moved to London and are now living in Travel Lodges in London while Ella attend a performing arts school.

Just before Ella goes on stage she reiterates some advice her mum has given her – “Dance like there’s no tomorrow” and says she will “dance like I haven’t got another breath left”

Ella’s performance saw her received 3 gold stars from the judges to put her through to the next round. Check out her video below: