Got To Dance: Nancy McAndrew Audition

Got To Dance

Nancy McAndrew was for us the surprise act of the entire competition so far. She gave us what we could only describe as a Susan Boyle Moment.

Nancy appeared on camera with her daughter who is a member of Unik dance crew that was  about to audition just before Nancy went on stage to do her audition. The event was staged as a mother versus daughter dance off.

46 year old Nancy explains her dance history – “I started in 1984 – 26 years ago now, I started way back in the old days but I never expected to be up against my daughter. It’s difficult because I want them to do well but it is still a challenge to be against them. I’m 46. I can still hit the moves, maybe I don’t have the stamina but I’m still proud I can do it”.

When Nancy took the stage she surprised a lot of people including the judges, because her dance style was ‘Breaking’. And for a woman of her age to execute dance moves that would normally only be done by youngsters less than half her age, was some achievement.

Sadly her daughter did not make it to the next stage of the competition, but Nancy secured 2 gold stars to make the judges short list. Well Done Girl!