Simon Rimmer spicy Thai prawn noodle salad recipe on Steph’s Packed Lunch

Simon Rimmer served up a tasty spicy Thai prawn noodle salad on Steph’s Packed Lunch.

The ingredients are: 12 x king prawns, 50ml oil, 12 cherry tomatoes, 30g salted peanuts, 1 cucumber, deseeded, cut into batons, Handful chopped coriander, leaves and stem, 6 Thai basil leaves, 1 pak choi, finely chopped and 2 spring onions, shredded.

For the dressing: 1 stalk lemongrass, finely chopped, 2 bird eye chillies, finely chopped, 2 limes, juice and zest, 1 tbsp fish sauce, 1 tsp grated palm sugar and 1 tsp fine sea salt.

To serve: Fine rice vermicelli noodles.

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