Raymond Blanc fricassee of wild mushrooms with white wine and tomatoes recipe on Simply Raymond Blanc

Raymond Blanc served up a fricassee of wild mushrooms with white wine, tomatoes and croutons on Simply Raymond Blanc.

The ingredients are: 40g butter, unsalted, 30g shallot or white onion, chopped, 5g / 1 clove garlic, peeled, pureed, 400g mixed wild mushrooms e.g. chanterelle, girolle, pieds bleus, button mushrooms, 5g black trumpet mushrooms, 15ml / 1/3 lemon, juice, 100ml white wine, dry, boiled for 30 seconds, 4g / 4 pinches sea salt, 2g / 4 pinches pepper, black, freshly ground, 10g / 1 small handful. parsley, flat leaf, chopped coarsely and 120g / 2 Roma tomatoes, quartered, deseeded, diced 5mm, skin on.

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