Property search in the Languedoc region of southern France is the task for Anita Rani on Escape To The Continent

Anita Rani house hunt in the Languedoc region of southern France, helping a couple – Dave and Gill – from Milton Keynes realise their long held ambition of moving to the continent.


Languedoc is a very beautiful region in France. Like Tuscany and Provence, the Mediterranean landscapes are expansive and wild, with gently rolling hills carpeted with vines, rosemary, lavender, euphorbia and other dry-weather plants – dotted with olive trees, Mediterranean oak, almond and cherry trees.

Languedoc is a wine maker’s paradise. The region produces more wine than any other wine growing region in the world and accounts for more than a third of all the wine produce in France. So if wine is your thing, than this is an ideal place to relocate.

The capital of the region is Montpellier, a city known for delivering academic excellence and home ot the most modern tram network in the France.

The average house price in the region is around £160,000 pounds, which is £100,000 than the national average in the UK.

Dave and Gill have a budget of £650,000 for their new property, and that will go a long way in this part of France.

Among the properties on view was this 3 storey stone house where Dave and Gill spent the week. It was located in the village of Peret and had historic features, 4 bedrooms, swimming pool, 0.8 acres and was on the market for £376,365.


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