Nicki Campbell Italian property search in the Le Marche region of Italy for a British business woman

Nicki Chapman visits Italy hoping she can find an Italian property for Janice, an entrepreneur who plans to relocate her home and business to the stunning region of Le Marche, on a budget of £700,000.

Le Marche

The region of Le Marche stretches for around 100 miles along the Italian Adriatic coast. The undulating hills of its interior are rich farming terrain, and only sparsely populated with market towns and one-street villages.

Ancona, the region’s capital, is an engaging port town which gives way to the dramatic Conero Riviera, with its natural white-pebble beaches backed by white Dover-esque cliffs.

Average property prices are quite varied depending on where you want to live. In popular coastal towns they can be bought for around £300,000, but inland they can fall below £100,000.

Le Marche

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