Dave and Phil showcased their Ukick feathered product for keepy uppy skills on Dragon’s Den

Dave and Phil came into the Dragon’s Den looking for an investment of £60,000 for their Ukick business venture.

The duo markets their product ‘Ukick’ – that is a fusion of elements of badminton and street football – as a fun, social, healthy and totally addictive sporting craze. Playing with the product, the aim is to keep the UKick in the air with your feet and other parts of your body and prevent it from touching the ground. In other words it is ‘keepy uppy’.

After a few of the dragons tried the product for themselves, they were not only impressed with it, but also the graphics and packaging that accompanied the Ukick.

However, with concerns about profit margins, volumes of sales and sustainability among other issues, none of the dragons were prepared to make Dave and Phil an offer.


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