Marshmallow business woman from Mallow & Marsh reject investments on Dragon’s Den

Herriot Pleydell-Bouverie came into the Dragon’s Den looking for £65,000 investment for her marshmallow business.

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Herriot is the founder of Mallow & Marsh, a firm that make gourmet marshmallows with no additives or preservatives.

Her short and sweet pitch went down well with the dragons, but she received mixed feedback after the taste test of the five flavours of the sweets she brought into the den. Kelly Hoppen thought they tasted stale, but the other dragons appear to enjoy them.

However, the dragons were concerned about her evaluation of the business and the fact that she could not give them a breakdown of the 3 year business plan if she was to receive the investment.

Surprisingly none of these issues put the dragons off because Herriot received two offers of investment from the dragons but she was not prepared to give away more than 15% of her business.

The dragons wanted a third of the business and Herriot therefore decided to walk away from the den without a deal.


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  1. I watched the show and look forward to buying some when they become available

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