Tracy Baker secured investment for her Nano Suction products on Dragon’s Den

Business woman Tracy Baker came into the Den looking for £65,000 investment for her nano suction products business.

Tracy gave a very polished presentation of her business venture to the dragons but came unstuck with the agreement she currently has with her American supplier.

However, she managed to convince two dragons – Duncan Banytne and Deborah Meadon – to offer her investment, but for a much higher percentage than the 25% she was planning to give away.

Duncan made the first offer of 35% with the belief that he would be the only dragon making an offer after Peter Jones and Kelly Hoppen declared themselves out and Deborah stating her concerns about the written agreement with the American supplier of the products that Tracy brought into the Dragon’s Den.

However, Deborah was still in the bidding process and decided to make Tracy a counter offer for 40% of the business.

In the end Tracy decided to rewarded Duncan’s initial interest and enthusiasm for the business by accepting his offer.


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