Does Francesca MacDuff-Varley have what it takes to succeed in The Apprentice 2013?

Dance and Entertainment Entrepreneur Francesca MacDuff-Varley from Leeds is hoping to show Lord Sugar that she has what it takes to succeed on the apprentice and also in business.

francesca macduff varley theapprentice

Francesca confesses that she is outspoken and talks a lot. These are indeed two of the traits that are most likely to land her in trouble with Lord Sugar and the other candidates. We will watch her progress with great interest.

The 32-year-old classically trained dancer, said that one of her first jobs was teaching baby ballet at her local dance studios. She is now the founder and director of a dance studio, a professional dance agency and a lookalike agency.

She describes herself as determined, driven and fun, and quotes Debbie Moore and Arlene Phillips as the business figures she is most inspired by, for their creativity and vision. She cites being a hard-worker as her greatest strength, though admits she can be a ‘control freak’ at times.

She says: “I’m prepared to fight to the death to become Lord Sugar’s business partner.”