The Voice UK Live: Alex Josh sings Better Together

Alex Josh better together the voice uk

Alex Josh brought a laidback vibe to The Voice UK tonight with his rendition of Jack Johnson’s Better Together.

Danny said: “Can you hear that? It’s the sound of the UK’s heart breaking! You know what you’re good at, you know your music and your fanbase. I’m just so proud of you, it was a great performance.”

Jessie said: “I just think it was very safe, and I found myself waiting for it to get more exciting. I’m telling you this because I care, I want to be honest with you. I think you have a great tone, but I would’ve given you a Gaga song and sing it like that.” agreed, saying: “I like your whole style and stuff, your whole thing is fresh, but I want to see you come out a little more, I want Danny to push you.

“Just because you done a Jack Johnson song doesn’t meant you have to do it the way he does.”

Sir Tom added: “When I was 17, I wanted to set the world on fire. It’s not time to relax, and that performance was very relaxed. I wasn’t that relaxed at 17, but it just seemed too safe for you.”