The Voice UK Live: Bo Bruce sings Love The Way You Lie

Bo Bruce love the way you lie - the voice uk

Bo Bruce performed Rhianna track ‘Love The Way You Lie (Part 2)’ and made the track her own by putting a unique spin on the recent number one hit. It made all four of the coaches take to their feet after her performance.

Danny said: “That was an amazing performance, I love the way you lie, the way you sing, the way you move about the stage.

“You are one of the most remarkable people in this whole thing, the way you sing, you’re very, very special.”

Jessie said: “I love your voice, I look forward to your performances every week. You are definitely someone who makes this competition versatile.” commented: “The way you sing is the kind of stuff I like. Rhianna sung it good but you sung it a whole bunch of times more better. I don’t mean any disrespect by that but, Bo… Woah!”

Sir Tom added: “Being nervous is not bad, fear is bad. And it didn’t show anyway.”