The Voice UK Live: David Julian sings She Will Be Loved

David Julian sings She Will Be Loved the voice uk

David Julian performed Maroon 5′s She Will Be Loved on the Voice UK tonight in his bid to win a place in the semi finals.

Speaking before the performance, David revealed that there was a special woman who he would be thinking about when singing the track.

Danny said: “I thought this was a great way to paint you out, you quit your job to be here, what a great way to show the rest of the UK what can happen. I hope that whoever you were singing that for was watching.”

But said: “It was cool, it was real cool. I liked that.

“[But] This is a real critical part of the whole show. Two of Danny’s artists are going to leave tomorrow and the way you guys are going about picking songs… it’s like you aren’t taking it serious. The arrangement and the ways you guys are performing is not at the level for this stage of the competition.”

Danny quipped: “And your team was better?”

Jessie J said: “This is not about Team Danny or Team Will, it’s about all of the artists and giving them constructive criticism.”