The Voice UK 2012: Max Milner Knocks Out Bill Downs in the sing-off

bill downs max milner the voiceThe second pair in the Battle Round sing-off on the voice tonight was Max Milner and Bill Downs, and it is Max Milner who became Danny O’Donoghue’s first act in The Voice UK live shows after beating his rival Bill Downs.

The Script frontman paired the singers together believing they ‘fill the same role’ on his team, but Bill immediately felt he was at a disadvantage due to his opponent’s background in musical theatre.

“Just getting on a stage that big and singing in front of all those people is sort of a big thing for me. Max has done it before,” explained the 24-year-old.

But Max said: “I would just use what I’ve got that maybe he doesn’t. I’m gonna feel confident and comfortable up there that I can entertain people and that’s what I will do.”

After their performances of Madcon’s ‘Beggin’, raved about Bill’s effort. “Max, when you were dancing around the stage, sometimes you went flat, while Mr Throwin It Down was slicing them and dicing them.

“If I had to pick, I would have went with over there.”

Tom Jones said that they were ‘evenly matched’, while Jessie J praised their ‘crazy licks’.

Danny delivered his verdict by saying. “Max throughout this whole thing I’ve seen a spark in you, but over the course of the rehearsals and what I’ve seen tonight how much Bill has come along. I’m talking leaps and bounds.”

Going on his ‘gut insinct’, he then announced: “The person I’m gonna take through to the live shows with me is Max.”