The Voice UK 2012: Sam Buttery knocks out Aundrea Nyle in the sing-off

sam buttery aundrea nyle the voiceThe third pair in the Battle Round sing-off on The Voice tonight was Sam Buttery and Aundrea Nyle. Sam immerged victorious beating Aundrea to secure a place in live shows on Team Tom Jones.

The pair’s strong personalities shone through during rehearsals, as they worked on Elvis Presley’s ‘A Little Less Conversation’ with music legend Tom and his advisor, Catatonia singer Cerys Matthews.

“Aundrea’s very fabulous as we all know,” laughed Sam. “On the stage it’s just gonna be one fabulous battle and I’ll give her a run for her fabulous money!

“This is a competition, this is a battle and I really really want it.”

Aundrea said: “I’ve got to win this for me and for my girls, and I’ve got to prove to Tom that he needs to take me through to the live shows.” joked: “My eyebrows were so far back I had to pull them out my back pocket to put them back on my head!”

But it wasn’t long before Tom delivered his verdict. “You’re both huge personalities, and I picked that song because Elvis was a huge personality, so I’m glad that you did it justice. More than justice, you did a wonderful job.

“It’s hard. I think the one that I’m gonna take to the live show is Sam.”

An overjoyed Sam said: “Me and my friends have got this thing about the bees, and we always go it’s the bees knees, and that’s exactly how I feel right now, I feel the bees knees!”

See them in action in the video below: